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iXPRESS Limited (Previously known as IPOST Services Limited), an SBU of Impress Group Ltd. (like Channeli, Impress Telefilm, Incepta Pharmaceuticals and so on), is a dynamic and leading countrywide express service provider having unique total transportation solutions around the country which provides businesses and consumers countrywide with an extensive range of services for their mail and express delivery needs. According to the new rule of Bangladesh government no express company can use the word POST in their company name as the government's express delivery service's name is POST Office. Therefore, IPOST Services Limited has changed the name as iXPRESS Limited.

We have started our business with a mission to satisfy our clients' expectations in the transfer of their goods and documents around the country. With our focus on infrastructure, People, Systems and processes, iXPRESS believes it can provide your organization with quality services as you require.

To be the leader among the express service provider in the country iXPRESS possesses some unique attributes that differentiate them are mentioned below:-

   ✔ First corporate focused courier service company in Bangladesh ;

   ✔ Having strong network coverage all over Bangladesh;

   ✔ Skilled manpower;

   ✔ Ensured countrywide smooth services by using own fleet of vehicle (Bi-cycle, Motor Cycle, Car, Micro bus, Covered Van);

   ✔ Providing WEB tracking facilities. (Barcode system);

   ✔ SMS based Solutions;

   ✔ Dedicative complain management team;

   ✔ Address Correction;

   ✔ Marketing Campaign (Mail Shot);

   ✔ Dedicative POD (Proof of delivery) team;

   ✔ 100% POD ensuring or providing EPOD (Electronic proof of delivery);

   ✔ Skilled data entry operator team;

   ✔ Mobile phone & uniform provided to the delivery man;

   ✔ Dedicated Processing team;

   ✔ Different training session for the personnel;

iXPRESS believes that in a competitive marketplace it makes sense to aim to provide superior services and customers base their purchasing decisions on the service they receive, not just the price and availability. With this belief iXPRESS has designed & introduced a highly organized infrastructure which is always ready to provide any customized solutions as per your requirements and committed to provide you the quality services. Please feel free to contact to the undersigned at any time.