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iXPRESS Services Limited has been incorporated in 2008 with a broaden vision of providing express delivery services (widely known as courier) in Bangladesh. The expertise of this company has expanded its delivery network across the metropolitan cities of Bangladesh where the urge is important. With a strong IT infrastructure, the company is able to deliver 30 thousand documents and 150000 kgs of packages per day to customers across the country. It is the first real-time courier company providing integrated tracking system in Bangladesh.

To deliver optimum service to the customer, the company facilitates 6 branch offices in Dhaka and 7 regional offices in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Bogra, and Jessore, Besides these we have our own setup in all other important areas. iXPRESS currently serves around 54 district areas and has an expansion plan to cover all 64 districts with franchisees, agents and retailers.


iXPRESS's extensive infrastructure services enable us to provide unrivaled delivery services from its offices to every part of the covered areas. iXPRESS has invested its investments to online tracking support, root level sprinter and by adding value added services. This is an innovative concept that enables us to ship and track documents and packages quickly and efficiently. Through this, customer gets on line information of its delivery status by visiting its 24/7 updated tracking service. To provide this support, iXPRESS has an expert IT Department. This team is continuously working to provide this unrivaled information service using SQL Server, Php, MySQL, Apache, Java, Asp, .NET and so on.

iXPRESS has now proved itself as nationwide Express Delivery Service. Every iXPRESS personnel are trained on his activities at our in-house training centre and trained by our expertise from Australia, UK and India. The team is always on customer's door within shortest possible time on receipt of information over e-mail, phone, fax or walk-in visit.

In addition to normal courier, iXPRESS provides prompt services like same day 6:00 hrs service 12:00 hrs service, 18:00 hrs service, next day morning service (24:00 hrs service) and regular service etc. iXPRESS provides its services by delivering followed by providing delivery confirmation via online and also by returning over online POD receipt copy.

iXPRESS believes that in a competitive marketplace it makes sense to aim to provide superior service. Customers base their purchasing decisions on the service they receive, not just price, quality and availability. And from this belief iXPRESS has introduced a highly trained and skilled customer care department which is always ready to handle complaints and it is one step forward to provide a quick response about investigation report and solution of complaint.